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Deborah Shane - Sales, Marketing, Motivation

She’s a petite bundle of energy, with a bounce in her step that reverberates in her curly auburn tresses. She has a big smile, a big heart and a big vision, especially for the future of women entrepreneurs! Deborah Shane is Southwest Florida’s quintessential empowered woman, bringing a unique style of communicating relevant marketing trends, business basics, and sales skills though EDGE™ - Energizing, Dynamic, Goal-oriented Education.

Deborah earned a degree in English from Florida Atlantic University, and a Teaching Certificate. Immediately after college she launched a music and entertainment career, forming her own band. Four years later she decided to explore the business side of entertainment. She transitioned into broadcast media and spent the next 22 years building a career that incorporated her passion for teaching and mentoring with her skills and knowledge in sales, marketing and motivation.

In the summer of 2006, desiring a change from corporate America, Deborah accepted a position in a Fort Myers, in the industry she had spent 22 years in, moving out of the Miami area in which she had grown up. After a short tenure, she realized it simply wasn’t a good fit.  It was then that she asked herself “What do you really want to do?”

The answer: Train with Shane! “If I can’t do for myself what I’ve been doing for other people for 22 years, I might as well hang up my sneakers!” Rather than hang them up, she laced them up and jumped feet first into the Southwest Florida region, forming strategic alliances with area chambers of commerce, Florida Gulf Coast University, Edison State College, Lee Schools and other businesses. These days she’s running to keep up with herself!

Her company, Train with Shane, provides education, training and professional development for anyone in sales, marketing, business development, and customer service with a special niche for women in business. Train with Shane offers workshops and seminars, corporate training, motivational speaking, and marketing consulting. She publishes articles and content for newspapers, magazines and business websites regularly.

Hobbies & Interests:
Tennis, cycling, anything that gets you moving and sweating, travel, creative arts, reading, family, business, animals

2 brothers, lots of cool nieces and nephews and a large extended family of long term friends!

Parting Words:
“soar above your current altitude and fly with full wing span”


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